About Afterfocusblog


This site is dedicated to chronicling the travels of naturalist and anthropologist Brendan Bombaci.  The multimedia articles herein are detailed accounts of and reflections about his experiences in wilderness and with varying cultures. His professional photography pursuits began in 2012, one decade after falling in love with the creative control that SLR cameras give to visual artistry, and seven years after migrating from professional slide film to digital format and expanding from purely landscape subject matter to architecture, macro, and performance art.  His photographic portfolio is linked from the home page of this site.  He holds a Master’s degree in Anthropology (with a focus on psychology) and has self-published numerous academic articles, available online (www.kairologic.com).  His other WordPress site, “ethnographicsblog,” covers various consulting projects he has done for organizations to reveal the culture of work life in their spheres.

*Brendan Bombaci holds the Creative Commons Copyrights to all images on this blog. See his Flickr portfolio @ http://www.kairologic.com to see exact licensures.